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The Langer Song

Have you seen the old man
The drunken old lout
Roaring and bawling
And spilling his stout
And in everyone’s business
You’ll first see his snout
Down In Cork he’d be known as a Langer
A Langer, a Langer
In Cork he’d be known as a Langer!

Song for Tadhg

May you grow up to know a world full of joy
Clean water pure air and an end to all wars
A world without hunger, homelessness, cold,
Injustice, poverty, fear of growing old
I know these are dreams but were they to come through
My prayers would be answered while I’m waiting on you

The Viagra Song

The wife was giving out to me last night boy
Sez she “You’re falling down on the job”
Sez she “I’m getting very frustrated,
I’m like a mare waiting for the cob.”
So I went and took a dose of the Viagra
Oh Lord tis a wonder to behold
Now there’s no dilly dallin
I’m working like a stallion
And the wife thinks I’m pure gold.

excerpts from The Langer Song, Song for Tadhg, The Viagra Song © Tim O’Riordan 2004